Private detective to find the car number plate

Tracing the car 's number plate to find out the registration rights of certain vehicles because of various reasons some clients that want to rely on the private detectives to absolute secrecy , the following cases are accidents common as fugitive , fraud , robbery , someone across the sea verify vehicle , or that your strong IT each question by sea ... the search for truth must first number exact numbers and spelling words on variables , so can avoid confusion as well as high accuracy and fast an efficient way .


Provides information about relatives living away from home , old people astray , children leave home , ...
Search and provide information as requested in the suspected spouse has a negative sign .
Search and provide information about social relationships can adversely affect the husband , wife , children, relatives leads to social ills , children's education , ...
Investigate internal theft in the family company .
Search and provide information on numbers of individuals or an organization .
Provide information and evidence in relation to civil activities - economic , commercial .
Provides information about fakes , clones, ...
Provides information about overseas Vietnamese , foreign expatriates .
Search and information provided in the contract with the customer in the field of Civil - Economy, ...
Information for customers to proactively prevent , detect , prevent the loss , disclosure , theft , ...

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