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According to statistics , over 60 % of the search for missing loved ones fall into the children leave home . The children in the period in which personality mix , half child , half adult usually excitable , not good at his restraint , frivolous action , unpredictable ... So the chances left home will cause them to fall into the bad of social evils .

If your child leaves the house ! Please try to stay calm , do not be confused , worried . Please contact Detective services . We are committed to helping you find the shortest time , at the correct place to relieve anxiety is all .

Detective Services provide the following types of search services :

* Search relatives left home for unknown reasons (possibly due to misunderstandings , or seduced ) , such as children , spouses removed for unknown reasons ....

* Search for missing children , remove it: Often cases from 13 to 16 -year-old child . Because they are too small and weak and so is the case here need to seek emergency

* Search for missing high school student , left home , dropped out of school : Often you fall into the 16-18 . This is the most common age group , very emotional , easy to rebel against ... So urgent need to search them from falling into the pitfalls of society.

* Search the debtor , who helped the scams fled and those who cause accidents , shock hui fled ; scammers money , love fled .

* Search for family members who have lost a long time no see , such as parents , what her uncles , brothers and sisters ....

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