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The more society develops, the need to capture more diverse information . But due to limited or specialized conditions , a person or an organization can not learn detailed information about an object or event that interests you . And so , a new service was born. It is a private detective service

Services are private detectives tracking service , verify , investigate and search for an object , an event , incident to provide certain information as required by the customer service world hang.Tren 've had for a long time and it has become an indispensable job in an industrial society . However in Vietnam this job is new . But in fact , the demand for this service is appeared .

To meet the increasing demands of modern life in the information economy , society , families ... we include members have years of experience in the field of law enforcement , civil investigation , counseling , consultation ... Center established to provide advice and information leading professional in Vietnam , ready to help your business , your family and for the following areas :

Along with the development of social and economic trends in the market, there are many businesses and families are involved in the development of the country went up . But their first step inevitable awkwardness of established businesses , how to organize and manage . Family problems in the education of children, husband and wife relationship . DETECTIVE Company VIETNAM born ...

VIETNAM Detective Services , Prevention from previous remote blocking is something each of us should do , right in the integration of economic , social changes , human needs are also many changes therefore the social relationships in place is complex and that even those who are not in the foreseeable outcome and how it will affect the other person ? You are a family member , you are the leader in our company should consider and learn when members of his family or in the company of their abnormal expression occurs in harmful ways that we where not understand the reason , with many years of professional experience verification , monitoring , follow-up will help you to clarify any doubt that so long did you take to bed because it's eaten .

Understanding of the issues and also to meet the needs of society inevitable , VIETNAM detective company was established to help preserve and protect your family happiness , peace in work when things are not going too far !

VIETNAM Detective Services provide the following services :


1 . Provides information about relatives living away from home .
2 . Learn about social relationships , counseling , children's education manager .
3 . Management and supervision of persons under the age of majority in your family.
4 . Search and provide information about suspected cheating spouse .
5 . Find and provides information about bad relationships can lead to social evils .
6 . Search astray elderly , children left home ...
7 . Tracing and provide information about objects scam , seized , stolen property ...
8 . Find and provide other information as required in civil relationships , marriage - family .


We are committed to supporting every customer with the highest sense of responsibility in the areas of consulting - providing civil legal information including :

1 . Provide information and evidence in civil proceedings including the protection of intellectual property rights , copyrights , industrial property rights and technology transfer .
2 . Detection provides information about fakes , counterfeit goods , poor quality goods .
3 . Consultant or application specific solutions for clients to proactively prevent, detect prevent the loss , disclosure , theft of information ...

Come with us you will be assured of the level of absolute security of information, all the problems will soon be freed

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